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Catherine B. Junge Memorial Scholarship

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  1. All applications must be typed, grammatically correct and complete for acceptance and review by ACTE/HSE. The online applications are due April 1st.
  2. Application forms are to be included in the National HOSA Leadership Conference's annual announcement/pre-registration materials. 
  3. A selection committee, appointed by the current ACTE-HSE Division Vice President and to include a member of the Junge family, will determine the most deserving recipient. 
  4. A monetary award of $500 will be awarded to each recipient. The number of scholarships is dependent upon funding. 
  5. The recipient will be notified by the ACTE-HSE Division Vice President.  
  6. The recipient's name will be submitted to the National HOSA Executive Director by the ACTE-HSE Division Vice President. 
  7. Announcement of the selected recipient will be made during the annual HOSA National Leadership Conference and included in the National HOSA and ACTE-HSE Division publications. 
  8. Payment of the scholarship award will be made by the ACTE-HSE Division Vice President (given official documentation of the recipient's enrollment in a postsecondary (community/technical/junior college) or university/college). In the event the total award is not utilized, it or any part will revert to the scholarship account. 
  9. The ACTE-HSE Division Vice President will notify the Junge family of the recipient and the amount awarded. 


  1. The recipient must be a member and be a local, regional, state, or national officer of Health Science Technology Students of America (HOSA).
  2. Applicants must be enrolled in a secondary, postsecondary, or college/university Health Science Education program. 
  3. The applicant may be a high school senior with proof of acceptance into further education for a health career, or an enrolled student in a postsecondary (community/technical/junior college) or university/collegiate Health Science Education program.  
  4. Grades- The transcript of the applicant must accompany the application. 
  5. Leadership Activities- Submit a list of activities including: offices held, awards and honors, and student organization involvement. 
  6. Community Involvement- Describe community service, volunteer experience, church related activities, etc. 
  7. Essay - Submit a 350-700 word essay describing contributions they expect to make to the health profession and why they should be selected as the recipient of the HSTE scholarship. 


  1. Three (3) references are required. 
  2. Names and addresses of references must be listed on the application.  
  3. References must be provided by any of the following: (1) A teacher, advisor, principal or director of the HSE program. (2) An employer. (3) Any other source other than a relative.  
  4. References should document applicant's scholarship, leadership abilities, interpersonal skills, integrity and potential in the health profession. 
  5. Letters of reference should be sent directly to the HSE Vice President or included with the application.